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Tang Soo Do for Beginners 

KICKSTART is a special programme of exercise that has been developed over a period time. It allows young children to gain the benefits of regular exercise in a fun environment, yet learning a traditional martial art.  
The KICKSTART programme is based on the classical martial art Tang Soo Do (Moo Duk Kwan). 
Tang Soo Do is one of Korea's foremost and oldest martial arts. Its roots can be placed back to the period of the three kingdoms approximately 2000 years ago. The three kingdoms were known as: 
1.Koquryo 37 B.C. 
2. Silla 57 B.C. 
3. Paekche 18 B.C. 
Grandmaster Hwang Kee is the founder and developer of modern Tang Soo Do(Moo Duk Kwan).The style we continue to practise today. 
Tang Soo Do is a composite style , 60% Soo Bahk, 30% Northern Chinese(hard) and 10% Southern Chinese(soft). As the kicking techniques come from Soo Bahk, they form the basis of our Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do is both a hard and soft style, deriving its hardness from Soo Bahk Ki and the Northern Chinese influence. The soft flowing movements come from the Southern Chinese Tang systems. Here we can understand its current name: 
TANG - From the Chinese Tang System. 
SOO - From Soo Bahk Ki 
DO - System or Way 
Our style of Tang Soo Do is known as Moo Duk Kwan, literally meaning 'Martial Virtue School'. 
The Traditional Tang Soo Do Association established itself in the Northamptonshire area in 1984, and is currently recognised as one of the leaders in the martial arts world. The classes are taught by qualified instructors under the guidance of Master Ashok Kumar. The association is promoted by integrating the clubs into the local community. The clubs take an active role by demonstrating Tang Soo Do techniques at local charity functions and other events. Families of the members are actively encouraged to support , by attending social functions and other family events throughout the year. 
The success of the Traditional Tang Soo Do Association can be attributed to its policy of retaining a strong family spirit, loyalty, respect and discipline. The success has been reflected in the participation of many of its members in local, national and international championships. 
The future of Tang Soo Do lies with the development of its new members who are encouraged to obtain high standards in Tang Soo Do , following the example of the senior Dan grades and the enthusiasm of Master Kumar. 
If you would like to benefit from Tang Soo Do , at the same time improve self-confidence, awareness, general health, fitness, flexibility and help combat stress, then contact us now. 
Please remember Tang Soo Do does not depend on athletic build and is suitable for: 
1. Children - minimum age 6 years. 
2. Adults - Both male and female - no age barriers, but you may be required to undergo a fitness assessment. 
3. For anyone with disabilities. Training will be adjusted to meet with your requirements.This will allow us develop the correct programme for you. 
All class subscriptions are for one or two hour session and are as follows: 
Family rates are available with the club instructors agreement.There is an annual membership fee of £15.00. Every three to four months there are formal grading promotions from one level to the next, next, which incur a variable fee. This fee would include certificate of promotion, cost of examination and the supply of a new belt. 
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