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welcome from master ashok kumar 

Dear Practitioner 
Thank you for taking the time to visit the Traditional Tang Soo Do association (TTSDA) website. If you choose to become a member of a successful Association you have the opportunity to practise a classical martial Art and contribute towards the running of your Association. In the TTSDA, we regard our Members as part of a family, and our combined efforts to strengthen and preserve this special knowledge is a communal one. To this extent that if we all contribute, we will all receive. 
Tang Soo Do is special as a Classical Martial Art. It draws upon a vast body of knowledge drawn from Eastern Philosophy. The art form is concerned with theory, practise and application. The TTSDA offers you, through your Membership access to this Moo Duk Kwan Philosophy. You can then use this as a means of understanding and using Moo Duk Kwan wisdom, in the belief that understanding will improve your life in every way. 
As a current Member, your Association will provide you with the highest quality instruction and intra-association communication it can. Your Membership Card will be recognised at all TTSDA Affiliated Clubs. You will be able to attend all our Seminars, Workshops, Tournaments, Social Functions and take advantage of any special products the TTSDA has available. Obviously, your Seniors have a responsibility to you, but as a member you also have a responsibility to the TTSDA. If you have a good idea, a programme or anything that you feel might strengthen or improve your Association, put it in writing and send it to your Instructor. 
Your Association extends to you its best wishes for a long and rewarding Membership. 
Master Ashok Kumar 
President of the Traditional Tang Soo Do (Soo Bahk Ki) Moo Duk Kwan Association 
Vice President EMTF 
6th November,2013 
Dutch Open Championships  
1st December,2013 
Sports hall de Wilgenring, Rotterdam 
Enquiries and further details please contact Master A Kumar. 
EMTF European Championships will be held in the UK next year. Watch this space for further details. 
If you haven't all ready, check out the World Tang Soo Do pictures in our GALLERY! 
16th October,2013 
Results from the Worldwide Tang Soo Do Family Championships for the UK team: 
2 Grand Champions 
14 Gold Medals 
7 Silver Medals 
12 Bronze Medals 
Ladies sparring team win Gold and retain their position as World Champions. 33 medals positions and a team success, not bad for a team of 67 competitors and 31 supporters! Tang Soo 
15th October,2013 
Back from the Worldwide Tang Soo Do Family Championships and what a super weekend. 13 countries in attendance, 7 GrandMasters and in excess of 600 competitors each day of the championships. A huge thank you to all the organisers, especially Master Robert Salm, for a fantastic weekend.  
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For any questions or enquiries please complete form below: 
Grandmaster Hwang Kee is the Founder and Developer of modern Tang Soo Do (Moo Duk Kwan). The style we continue to practice today. 
Tang Soo Do is a composite style, 60% Soo Bahk, 30% Northern Chinese (hard) and 10% Southern Chinese (soft). As the kicking techniques come from Soo Bahk, they form the basis of our Tang Soo Do.  
Tang Soo Do is both a hard and soft style, deriving its hardness from Soo Bahk Ki and the Northern Chinese influence. The soft flowing movements come from the Southern Chinese Tang Systems.  
Here we can understand its current name: 
TANG – From the Chinese Tang System 
SOO – From Soo Bahk Ki 
DO - System or Way 
Our style of Tang Soo Do is known as Moo Duk Kwan, literally meaning ‘Martial Virtue School’ 
The Traditional Tang Soo Do Association established itself in the Northamptonshire area and is currently recognised as one of the leaders in the martial Arts World. The classes are taught by qualified Instructors under the guidance of Master Ashok Kumar. The Association is promoted by integrating the Clubs into the local community. The Clubs take an active role by demonstrating tang Soo Do techniques at local charity functions and other events. Families of the Members are actively encouraged to support, by attending social functions and other family events throughout the year. 
The success of the Traditional Tang Soo Do Association can be attributed to its policy of retaining a strong family spirit, loyalty, respect and discipline. The success has been reflected in the participation of many of its Members in local, national and international championships. 
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